Elegant, classic scarves made of the best quality silk are the perfect choice for colder days. The material from which they were made is the best quality natural silk, which gently wraps the neck, ensuring comfort for the whole time of using it. Fibres are soft, plastic and fleshy - woven as densely as possible. The colour of the scarf is given by the screen-printing method, which ensures durability and colour stability, light colours are shimmering with vivid shades. Shawl, as an addition, can emphasize a coat or other outer garment, giving the whole styling a coherent and distinctive character. Our products should give the styling colour, bringing a leitmotif to the outfit, striking from a distance, if the owner wants it, or barely noticeable by bystanders. Scarves have an additional warming layer, made of 100% Italian wool, which is supposed to provide protection against cold and be a contrast to rather cool silk. Remember that silk is a fabric that does not compete with wool in terms of protection against cold, its task is different - it should emphasize the look and colour, be delicate and soft. It is for these reasons that we decided to sew silk with a warming layer, which allows a good compromise between delicacy and colour, and thermal values. For the price of one shawl there are two layers, joined together on both sides: one of 100% silk and the other of 100% wool. Production in an Italian manufacture allows us to preserve the best world quality, which is appreciated by our customers. Scarves are finished with soft tassels, giving the eye a pleasant shape.

The patterns on the shawls are fragments of the works of the most outstanding world artists. They present the most important part of the work, allowing for independent interpretation of the work. Each product available for purchase on our website has a separate analysis of our authorship, which you can read on the card dedicated to the product. The works are applied on the silk side, the wool side remains filled only with its colour - black (both Kisses) or navy blue (Starry Night).