A silk pocket square is a great gift idea for a man! It is also worth mentioning that more and more modern women are choosing the pocket squares in more formal office situations where a jacket seems indispensable. A pocket square inserted into the jacket's pocket gives the whole garment colour - most suits and jackets are subdued colours. Pomegranates, blacks, shades of grey, browns and beige are considered sad colours, so they need illumination, which should give them a suitably selected pocket square, which contrasts best with the colour of the dress. This is the last touch, without which the styling will not be full and will not show 100% of its capabilities.

Most of our prints are fragments of paintings, selected to preserve the message of the work and properly convey the artistic idea of the creator. Each pocket square has a border, whose first colour, closer to the centre of the material, is a colour contrasting with the main tone of the work, while the second shade corresponds to the colour of the image. The frames do not have additional decorations that could divert attention from the work.