How to care for BelleArt products?

All the BelleArt products are made of silk. Basic information and suggestions about care are presented iconographically on the insert, which is sewn at the bottom corner of each product. BelleArt shawls are additionally insulated with a layer of Italian wool, providing protection against the cold. For this reason on our silk scarves you will find a second insert – an explanation how to care for the woollen side.


Additional care


We do not recommend washing in regular detergents. The safest way to care for items made of silk is to put them in a specialised Dry Cleaning. If you have to wash silk shawls and pocket squares by yourself, wash it only in detergents dedicated for delicate products, at low temperatures, washing by hand.


We recommend ironing through a piece of cloth (like a thin towel). In the worst case, when we do not have any cloth around us, we recommend to choose the lowest temperature on the iron and slightly moisten the material. The use of steam is prohibited.
We do not recommend drying silk products in dryers.


Silk in BelleArt products is the most qualitative and thick material, so it should withstand a lot, but it is still  silk – a very delicate and noble fabric, on which we draw your attention to.