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Scarf: Vincent van Gogh – Starry Night


Size: 50cm x 108cm

Fabric: 100% silk (upper part); 100% wool (warming lining)

Manufactured in: Italy

Elegant, classic scarves of the best quality silk, up to 16 m/m, is the perfect choice for cold days. As an addition, it can highlight the coat or other outerwear, giving the whole stylization a consistent and distinctive character. Extra insulation from 100% Italian wool guarantees adequate protection against cold even on colder days, making the product a scarf for any occasion and any weather. Shawl, as an essential complement to styling, is an element that should express our tastes, bringing to the dress a color and theme. All our products allow us to draw attention to yourself, showing the passion of the wearer to high art. Production in the Italian manufacture allows for the preservation of the best world quality. Scarves are finished with fringes, giving the shape pleasing to the eye. The silk from which our products are made is very soft and extremely pleasant to touch, so it does not irritate the neck, and warmly cools it on warmer days.

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Let art express you!

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Scarf made of silk. Vincent van Gogh – Starry Night

What does our silk shawl represent?


Vincent van Gogh – an Artist.

Pattern presents a fragment of the masterpiece Starry Night, created by Vincent van Gogh, eminently emotional, the Great Post-Impressionist Artist. We rarely describe an artist, but this time we have to include at least a note – Vincent was born in 1853 in the Netherlands, initially he was to become a missionary, he was closely connected to religion, but the Church authorities have diverted him from this path. Van Gogh decided to sacrifice his life to art before the age of thirteen, for the love of God he wanted to show the world in its most beautiful light.


His life was full of professions, he experienced many unhappy loves as an emotional person. In 1886, Vincent came to Paris, where he came into contact with the Great Art, he particularly loved Impressionism. At the time, he did not know that he would give him a new path, he would set the path that the most outstanding artists and art historians would study in the 21st century. This prominent Artist overtook the times in which he lived for a good 50 years, which often led to barely making ends meet. His work was very prolific, van Gogh created over 2,000 works of art, however, the people of that time could not appreciate the beauty of the world he created.


During his lifetime he sold only a few paintings and sketches, the most famous of which was the Red Vineyard. Vincent died at the age of 37, most likely as a result of a gunshot, although some applications indicate suicide caused by depression and mental problems.


A scarf with the most beautiful night the Earth has ever seen

If a night deserves to be called immortal, it is the one captured on the Van Gogh Starry Night. About 2/3 of the image is occupied by an expressionistically captured sky, for which the background is a calm settlement and sinister cypress trees. The artist created the Starry Night while in a psychiatric hospital, so the exact location of the place can not be determined because it existed only in van Gogh’s imagination. In a letter to a friend he wrote:

Sometimes I regret that I can not decide to work more often at home and to paint using my imagination. Imagination is a skill that needs to be developed, as the only thing that can lead us to create a more sublime and comforting nature than this one brief look at reality (which we perceive as changing our eyes, passing lightning) allows us to see. A starry sky, for example – something that I would like to try to paint.



On a dark blue background, the artist presented two nebulae, which give a space of radiance with blue colour, thanks to which the colorus of the sky are more characteristic of the day than for the night. Nebulae are accompanied by 11 large stars, one of which is Venus, and a semicircular moon. Vincent was probably interested in astronomy, because the vision of the sky accurately reflects the star system that modern astronomers recreated for 1889, the date of the creation of the work.


The point of transition between heaven and earth is a blue-and-yellow ribbon, which may be a glow of light, but it is certainly a buffer showing how small distances can share what is on earth with what we see in the distant sky. This ribbon separates the peaceful settlement from the sky, on which a lot happens. Reflections project into the countryside (or city), and the dark hills clearly show that there is a symbolic boundary between the two worlds. Dark buildings symbolize the temporal life, the sky is here eternal life, the goal to which the path can be the Church – the only characteristic building against the background of gray-gray lumps.


Van Gogh and religion

We can not forget how important the role of Vincent was in religion, he wrote: I have a terrible need – I will say this word – religion; so I go out at night to paint the stars. The great mystery is shrouded in cypresses, the form of which resembles black flames – interpretations are not consistent here, although we will incline to the prevailing view: they portray the artist’s fear, they are a connection between life and eternal life. It is a symbol of an uneasy journey, a difficult road, though possible to pass. They can also symbolize the evils that through our actions get into heaven, which arises when man abandons God.


Post-impressionistic approach to the moment is enhanced by the surreal image of the sky and the shape of cypresses, which are often attributed apocalyptic qualities, also in reference to the Apocalypse of Saint John. The whole situation, however, is a salvation, which is symbolized by a semicircular moon. Van Gogh used it several times as a symbol of the hope he saw in Christ. Light shines over evil, it is clearly perceptible, even though evil tries to outshine it.


Post-Impressionism, Neo-Impressionism or Expressionism?

It is worth mentioning that this work fits partly with the expressionistic trend, even despite the dominance of the Post-Impressionist style (there are also strong neo-impressionistic elements related to the pointillist style) – the dynamics of the illuminated sky brings to mind Kunch Munch, which only increases the conviction of how outstanding The artist was Vincent van Gogh (pay attention to the advance of expressionism, surrealism, neo-impressionism and showing the image of the sky from the day when one of the greatest astronomers was born – how can you not love this artist?). The fragment of the piece on the BelleArt scarf is free from elements symbolizing evil, a selected fragment depicts only the fleeting beauty of the starry sky.


Scarf inspired by painting

The image measures 73.7 to 92.1 centimeters and can be admired at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


Scarf presents a fragment of the actual image, namely the part visible below:



By buying our scarf you are buying a beautiful story!

Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh is one of the two most recognizable works of art in the world. We should not forget that this painting represents a question about the nature of mankind and our relationship with God. The silk scarf with the Starry Night motif is a timeless, unique and exceptional decoration. This shawl looks even better with our pocket square: Pocket square: Vincent van Gogh – Starry Night Over the Rhône!


This scarf is entirely made in Italy – of the highest quality silk. In addition, we insulated it with a layer of Italian wool to provide our customers adequate protection against cold. After all, a shawl, even a luxury one, is usually worn in winter.



Additional information


Navy blue


Silk, Wool


50cm x 108 cm


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