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Pocket square: Gustav Klimt – Adele Bloch-Bauer I


Size: 40cm x 40cm

Fabric: 100% silk

Manufactured in: Italy

A pocket square made of the best quality silk, entirely in small Italian manufactory. Thanks to a larger size (a square about 40 cm side to the standard 33 centimetres) it perfectly fills jacket pocket and maintains its position throughout the entire time a jacket is worn. Silk pocket square, next to or instead of a chosen tie, is an element that gives uniqueness and character to each stylization. They give colour, are eye-catching details, expose the wearer’s mood. Pocket squares are the last and often necessary accessory, which allows you to show off the best side.

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Let art express you!

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Pocket square: Gustav Klimt – Adele Bloch-Bauer I

What does our silk pocket square represent?


Klimt’s mistress

Patter on silk presents the first portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, by Gustav Klimt, a leading representative of secession and an outstanding Austrian symbolist. The painting was made at the beginning of the 20th century, when individual portraits were popular with the richest people. It was no different in this work – the model was the wife (then fiancée) of the rich Austrian entrepreneur, Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer, who in this way to celebrate the beauty of another wife.


Ferdinand decided to hire the most famous painter, Gustav Klimt, who at that time was a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Klimt accepted the assignment, but he did not hurry up with the performance of the work – the painting was made after 4 years. Why? Historians point to Klimt’s relationship with young Adele, who in 1901, when she was turning twenty, was to lend face to another artist’s work: Judyta with Holofernes’ head. Most likely, the painter experienced a hot affair with a young noblewoman at the time, which Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer could not know. For a long time, Klimt wondered how to best reflect the beauty of Adele, he created more than 100 sketches that depict a young woman in various poses.


A pocket square from the golden period

The painting was made in the years 1903-1907, which belongs to the Golden Period of Klimt’s work. Golden literally and figuratively, because from this time the artist is best known, paintings from this period are the most desired by collectors and appreciated by critics, and the works themselves are decorated with gold flakes.


The form of Klimt’s paintings, especially during this period, is an inseparable element of a work of art, which must be given special attention during the analysis. Silver and gold in the portrait of Adele are real precious metals, oil paint is obscured – Klimt used it exclusively to give the skin a figure and finish fine background elements. In fact, the picture shimmers with shades of gold. Beautiful ornaments form the structure of Adele’s dress, and the whole can not be confused with anything else, you can easily see Klimt’s line. Among other things, for this reason, the first portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer was for a short time the most expensive work of art ever sold, and its price amounted to over EUR 135 million.


Klimt’s women

It should also be noted that women had a special position in the art created by Gustav, as evidenced by the fact that about four thousand out of the five thousand sketches that have been preserved after the artist in good condition, the main characters are only women. Klimt loved painting them, he also loved eroticism, and he often said that: if anyone wants to understand me, he should look carefully at my paintings. Today, images of women with realistic faces, for which geometric or floral patterns are the background, are considered the domain of this artist. The first portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer is considered a crowned example of such creativity.


On the model’s dress you can see elements characteristic of Art Nouveau: patterns inspired by different periods of the art of ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, it is also easy to see the fascination of Japanese culture. The colors are bright here, the picture is asymmetrical and richly decorated. The artist broke with multidimensionality, only Adele’s face, hands and arms try to create it, which he replaced with geometry. An ideal culmination of the work is Klimt’s signature signature, with the date of completion of the work, which is incorporated into the pattern.


Painting-inspired pocket square

This image has the dimensions of a square with a side of 138 centimeters. It is privately owned and can be admired at Neue Galerie New York.


Buying our pocket square you buy a beautiful story!

The First Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer is a painting that shall be considered as a key example of Klimt’s love for women. Not only personal love, but also general adoration. Not only is the way of presentation of title character unique, but also unusually sophisticated form of the painting. The characteristic style of the Austrian painter will undoubtedly remain in the culture of modern Europe… forever. Art nouveau splendor and geometric patterns create a great impression and do not allow to pass by the work indifferently. The silk pocket square with the motif of the First Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer is a timeless, unique and exceptional decoration. It looks even better with a dedicated scarf: Gustav Klimt – The Kiss!


The pocket square is entirely manufactured in Italy – of the highest quality silk. Thanks to its rolled edges and very large size it fills the entire breast pocket and maintains its position while wearing a jacket. The outer colour of the pocket square’s frame corresponds with the work of art, while the inner colour contrasts with the guiding colours of the painting. This option allows you to emphasize the nature of the work and allows you to adjust the pocket square to many styles. A lack of an additional frame pattern does not distract anyone from the beauty of the painting and allows you to soak up art in its purest and most charming form.



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40cm x 40cm


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