Patterns created by the world’s greatest artists.


The world’s highest quality thanks to the production in the Italian manufacture. ??

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BelleArt scarves and pocket squares are covered by a 12-month warranty.


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BelleArt is a Polish brand that produces exclusive accessories for elegant clothing. Our products are directed to people who value the highest quality and artistic design, who want to express themselves through art and to emphasize their penchant for culture. We are passionate about art, we want artistic works to accompany us in the most beautiful moments of life. We believe that the way of displaying art should not be too intrusive, because it takes away the uniqueness of the message of each composition, which is why we focus on the production of accessories that should fill the holder with pride. Our scarves and pocket squares attract attention, stand out against the background of dispassionate designs, but they do it in an unobtrusive manner, maintaining class and searching for the message. In order to maintain the highest quality of our accessories, we decided to cooperate with an Italian manufacture that carries out all orders for us.

We use only the best materials, focusing on silk products. We decided to focus on this material for a very simple reason - in oriental art silk was often used as a material on which artists created. To this day, it is a symbol of the culture of Far Asia, for years it determined the material status and emphasized the noble origin, decorated distinguished persona and decorated the most beautiful rooms. Silk, thanks to its softness and delicacy, has gained the name of the noblest fabric. The colour on our products is applied by screen printing, which ensures faithful reproduction of colours with simultaneous durability and colour consistency, shades beautifully shimmer in the sun and allow you to maintain the colour of clothing on dark evenings.

All scarves and pocket squares are packed in decorative boxes, where a small surprise awaits. Perceptive observers will also find a surprise on the product card - we answer - in our opinion, nothing happens by accident!

Let art express you!

Our products are physically sold in Jack of Diamonds showroom in Warsaw "Koneser" Center!

We answer your questions!

Here you can find BelleArt office!